Realtime analytics-as-a-service API

Forget about building and managing complex data infrastructure. Collect, process, analyze, and push event data to and from applications in real time via a dead-simple API using any language you want. Leverage the full power of SQL to manipulate, distill, and visualize your data. Learn more...

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Collect data from any source

Send event data as JSON over HTTP, or even via the SQL driver of your choice. Connect directly to existing messaging services such as Kafka or Kinesis.


Outsource your analytics infrastructure via our simple API and reduce engineering costs, increase development speed, and easily power custom realtime analytics applications. Let Stride be your analytics infrastructure team and get back to what you're best at, building and selling world-class products and services.

Scale up to billions of events per month with no upfront cost
Massive continuous processing power
Powerful retroactive batch queries
SQL everywhere
Realtime push
Web frontend with HTTP API and embeddable components