It can be impossible to picture ever finding the time for an internship while you’re crushed under a massive pile of university work and deadlines, in fact, it’s even harder to see yourself graduating and getting any job at all. This my friend, is the first reason why you shouldn’t wait until after University to get an internship…


The Light at the End of the tunnel


Remind yourself what you are working towards…your dream job!

As you’ve probably learnt by now, it is SO much harder to do anything without motivation, degrees included. So whether it’s dull modules, pressured deadlines or overall disappointment at the course creating your apathetic attitude, an inspirational internship could be just what you need to turn it around. Interning can offer you a glimpse into your future and help uncover that all-illusive motivation you needed to successfully finish your degree and dive right into job hunting with a positive attitude. What you may lose in study time you will more than make up for in drive (a very employable quality might I add), reinstalled in you by the internship. Interning before you apply for a graduate job can also help you decide exactly what you do and don’t want to specialise in giving you an even brighter view of your future work prospects. 



Student Loans Don’t Last Forever

2. Obvious yet essential! As most internships are unpaid or lowly paid It’s likely that you will have to support yourself throughout, and unless your parents are able to help you out, this can mean having to work part-time while interning…exhausting. However, throughout University there are usually periods of time where you are not timetabled to study but find yourself still paying rent from your student loan, for example, Easter holiday and sometimes the three long months of Summer. This is a fleeting opportunity you must grasp even if your family are going on holiday to the Caribbean. While many of your fellow students are off gallivanting you can spend the time interning, knowing that you’ll be getting ahead and climbing up the first rung of the career ladder. Being able to demonstrate some valuable and relevant work experience in a professional environment places you much higher in application pools, especially for the competitive entry-level roles most graduates target.


Get that foot in the Door, Literally

3. It’s true, graduates who have undertaken internships have a dramatically Improved chance of employment after graduation so what better reason is there? We all hope to walk straight into a job after graduation but sadly without putting in the groundwork and making the industry contacts early on, you’re unlikely to secure a job before graduating and, in some cases, even months after. After graduation, you are qualified in theory, but not in practice; nothing but experience differentiates you from other graduates applying for roles in the same field. For many companies, hiring graduates is a risk, as there is no way to determine how well a grad will do in any working environment, never mind theirs.  This is why getting experience in before you graduate, is essential. If you’ve completed internships before graduation you are more likely to avoid this ‘straight out of University treadmill’ and bag yourself a graduate position in no time.


The phrases ‘I’ll just get my degree out of the way first’ or ‘I’ll get an internship as soon as I graduate’ often get bounded around by students, but this mindset should be avoided. In order to avoid the experience hurdles nearly every graduate faces after completing their degree, it’s best to start early and get some experience under your belt before you graduate.