Why we rebranded
I started JobLab in 2014, as a 22-year-old recent graduate, feeling lost, alone, and anxious about the future - scouring job boards, not knowing what to do and thinking that there just had to be a better way
Over the following 5-years, a small, passionate team of us built a platform that gave graduates a place to present themselves online and get discovered by opportunities at the country's most ambitious companies. We’ve changed the lives of thousands of people and turned the job board model on its head by putting candidates first. 
We have always existed to help people at this crucial time in their lives – the transition from education-to-employment – and we have successfully built the framework that directly connects job-seekers with jobs. 
We now have a clear view of how we need to evolve to build an enduring organisation that continues to help people find their meaningful place in the world of work. 
Looking Forward 
On the next phase of our journey, we will develop in-depth skills and motivation analysis and long term career-tracking, with a view to ultimately support our vision for the future of tertiary education – an on-demand, tailored, and evolving curriculum based on real-world skill gaps. Getting a job is just one piece of this puzzle.
We needed to build an aspirational brand around a name that gave us the scope to grow, one that would inspire confidence and represent the way we wanted our users to feel when they interacted with us. We needed to build a brand that a community of people would be proud to be a part of and support. So Stride was born; ambitious, confident, and a vivid expression of change and progress.
Our brandmark is a striking illustration of this message, showing a person taking their first, powerful stride. Our colour palette is bold, and photography daring. This new brand is a visual representation of our product and ethos. Demonstrating how we set people up for future success and happiness by guiding them onto a career path designed for them.  
Stride will allow us to build the company that millions desperately need - helping them find that meaningful place in the world of work. 
For those of you that have been with us through this transition, thank you.
We’ve come a long way together, and we still have a long way to go!