How it works



High-quality matching talent in minutes, not days

  • 40K active candidates
  • 70 university partners
  • Zero time-wasters


Data science ann human screening delivers an interview-ready pipeline of talent

  • Video introductions
  • Data-backed profiles
  • Salary requirements upfront


Grow your team on-demand

  • Industry-leading response rates
  • Constant supply of talenty
  • ATS integrations to scale

Hiring is hard - Stride is fixing it

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The price of a bad hire is higher than ever.

So why do job boards fill your inbox with unsuitable CVs, or recruiters hide talent behind walls or ‘sell-in’ candidates that have neither the skills nor desire to join your company? Stride is different. We combine innovative technology and human insight to take make hiring graduates simpler and more effective. When you have the right mix of talent, passion and opportunity, your people find meaning in their work and your teams achieve their potential.

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Over 2,000 tech companies scaling with confidence

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Understand your future people through Video

Get to know your applicants on their merits before you spend time on interviews. Stride provides you with video introductions, profiles with over 80 technical data points, and insights from our on-demand success team, so you can speed to final interviews and hire the right person for your organisation.


Let us do the legwork

Stride’s tech and matching algorithms are astonishingly smart, but we know that sometimes you just want to talk to a human being. We’ll take time to understand your requirements, providing unique talent insights to set you up for success.

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Hire with full transparency

In an industry typically shrouded in mystery, Stride gives you full visibility and transparency. We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors. No hidden fees, agendas, middlemen or secret communication. It’s all there! We give you the tools you need to access the entire Stride community and make informed, confident decisions.


Hear back from top talent instantly

There’s nothing worse than identifying top talent but not hearing back. At Stride, we reward our candidate community for their engagement, actually paying them when they respond to employers! You can rest assured you’ll know where you stand. Traditionally, finding a job has been anything but rewarding. Stride Tokens are one way we’re trying to turn that around.


Pricing built to



As your talent partner we’ve got pricing to match your requirements, whether it’s a one-off hire of aggressive scaling through the year. We offer success-based hiring and unlimited hiring subscriptions.

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We’re a team of grads
obsessed with fixing this
broken industry

turned our backs on the big corporate grad schemes and never set foot in a traditional recruiter’s office. Now we’re at Stride, we can fulfil our mission of finding talented people meaningful work. Through technology and a human desire to disrupt the status quo, we’re changing recruitment for the better.

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Scale your team with confidence.

From the most engaged community of job seekers in the UK.